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751 Raider Batt Held Annual Raider Steady Exercise

In order to increase the professionality of 751 Raider Battalion, Cenderawasih XVII MAC presented annual Raider Steady Exercise. The exercise took places in Jayapura, Arso, East Koya, West Koya an also Holtekamp beach.

The Raiders didĀ  some exercise materialsĀ  such as Closed Range Battle, fire contact drill, Air Mobilization, Destroying Raid as well as Hostage Releasing Raid. In addition, they did Raid Infiltration and Exfiltration and Tropical Water exercise.

During the exercise, all soldiers showed their high spirit. They realized that the exercise were very important to maintain and increase their skills as a Raiders. All Raiders that join this exercise has already finished Raider Basic Exercise which held by Indonesian Special Force (Kopassus) before.

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We are not super soldier..but we are well-trained soldier” are known as 751 soldier’s motto.

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