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“Santa Claus” Is Coming To Villages

The joy of Christmas echoes in Papua!!

Entering this month, christian people in Papua have started to welcoming Christmas celebration. December was claimed as the Month of Love, it is time for people to show their fellow care by do social actions within its environs.

In Yapen Archipelago District, Yawa 1709 Military District Command (MDC) raised happiness for children in the villages. The 1709 MDC shared 2,500 Christmas gifts in Wadapi and Wanampompi village on Friday (1/12).

The “Santa” soldiersĀ  went arround the villages to distribute the Christmas gift for children.

“We would like to share the joy of Christmas with children. I hope the gift will worth for them in order to raise their spirit to study ,” said Lt Col Sat Hari Wibowo, the Commander of 1709 MDC.

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This social activity got well appreciated by the parents of the children. May God bless all TNI soldiers during their service for the country.

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